Southern Ohio Volleyball Club (SOVC) 

USA Volleyball is the governing body advancing the growth of volleyball in the U.S. The Ohio Valley Region, the largest in the country with over 1,000 teams and over 10,000 members, hosts a wide variety of tournaments, clinics, camps, and other events through which its members find challenge, growth as players and officials, and just plain fun.

This document contains the services and regulations of the SOVC and therefore should be read by all prospective members and parents. This publication is limited to the SOVC and is a supplement to the USAVB and OVR volleyball program rules and regulations. The SOVC abides by all applicable OHSAA rules. The SOVC is a non-profit organization that offers girls (ages 10 to 18) the opportunity to play volleyball on teams consisting of players from other schools in all day tournaments usually within a 3 hour  radius of Chillicothe.  The goal of the SOVC is to field teams that are competitive in every tournament entered and to build on the players existing skills while teaching sportsmanship and leadership.


The SOVC consists of a: 

Director: Laura Smith (740) 703-5434,   smithlk@horizonview.net
Asst. Director: Donna Atchison (740)  998-4070 
Asst. Director: Jim Hutton (740) 703-2557
Advisory Board Chairman: Paul Tanedo (740) 703-0973
Advisory council made up of  SOVC coaches.

What if I Played For the SOVC Last Year?

Every athlete in the Club will be evaluated each year. Each athlete must come to the tryouts ready to compete for a position on one of our teams. An athlete who cannot participate in their scheduled tryout because of an injury, illness, or other reasons should talk to the Club Director prior to the start of the tryout period to determine if another tryout time can be scheduled. Players should never assume because they were on a previous  SOVC team, that they will automatically be on a future team.   Invitations to select players will be made during the month of July as permitted by the Ohio Valley Region.   These players will not have to attend try outs.

What if I Play Other Sports?

School sports and activities are an integral part of the scholastic experience and we still make every effort to schedule practices around some of these other activities. However, it is recommended that if an athlete is going to miss more than 5 practices or more than 3 tournaments, those families reconsider participation in our program. Missing such a significant amount of time does not make it cost effective for the families and makes it very difficult to build team chemistry and team cohesion at a competitive level.    SOVC reserves the right to form Elite teams that will be made up of players that do not participate in spring sports so that a competitive level can be attained for those individuals that desire a full time commitment to volleyball.
Being on a team requires dedication on the part of the athlete for that team to be a success. This means that missed practices could result in forfeiture of playing time.
SOVC Club Fees
Teams that travel to multiple day tournaments or out of state tournaments will be accessed fees to cover additional costs of such tournaments.    Such fees will be made known to participants prior to tournament entry and only if all participants are in agreement with additional travel expenses.
Club fees are as follows:
13’s  -  18’s               $750
12 and under            $550                                           
10, 11 and under      $450
The fees can be paid at one time or in three installments due at the following time:

First payment due with signed contract within 10 days of tryouts:
10, 11-12 yr olds   $250
13-18 yr olds         $350

Second payment due Jan. 1, 2016
10, 11-12 yr olds   $200
13-18 yr olds         $200

Final payment due Feb. 1, 2016      
12 yr olds            $100
13-18 yr olds       $200

Your Club fees pay for:   tournament entries,  uniforms, equipment,  coaches salary, practice time, and administrative costs.

Mail all fees to:  

Southern Ohio Volleyball Club 
c/o Laura Smith
49 Jessica Drive
Frankfort, OH, 45628

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made  only  to players who cannot finish the  SOVC season due to injury. No refund will be acknowledged without a written note with the doctors signature.   Refunds will be based on total paid to club  less uniform fee and tournaments attended to date of injury or illness. Give your written note to the Club Director.

Playing Time

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE EQUAL PLAYING TIME ON ANY TEAM OR AT ANY EVENT.  Playing time for athletes is determined by attendance, attitude, effort, performance, the athlete's potential, the team's needs at the moment, and the team's needs in the future, and is left solely to the discretion of the SOVC coach.

The "coaching decision" is not up for debate or question. Athletes are encouraged to ask what they can improve on to get more playing time. (See Grievance Procedure)

Rules and Regulations
1. An athlete with a delinquent account may be denied the privilege of playing in tournaments and may have limited practice participation until the account is paid in full.

2. Any athlete damaging equipment owned by the SOVC, or any facility used by the Club during practices, tournaments or other functions, or at lodging facilities will be required to reimburse the Club and/or facility for the damages before continuing in the Club. In some cases, the athlete may be dismissed from the Club.

3. While representing the SOVC, all athletes are expected to behave in a responsible manner. Determination of what is responsible lies solely with the SOVC. In case of inclement weather, call your coach or go to the web site at www.sovc.net to find out if there has been a cancellation. We strongly encourage athletes who make an SOVC team to take this participation seriously. This means we expect SOVC practices and tournaments to be a high priority.

Practice Rules
4. Scheduled practice time is START time and not arrival time. Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the start of each practice. There may be a consequence for arriving late to practice and competitions.

5. Volleyball shoes are to be carried into practice and tournaments and only worn for practice and tournaments. This is to ensure that the shoes last longer and our facility surfaces remain clean and safe.

6. Horseplay by athletes or coaches at practice or tournaments is strictly prohibited.

7. All athletes are expected to make every effort to attend every practice. If you miss school that day you will be excused.
If an athlete can not be at practice, the athlete is expected to call the coach. It is the athlete's responsibility (not the parent's) to reach the coach before the practice starts.

Tournament Rules

8. All athletes are expected to be in the gym, ready to warm-up, at the scheduled arrival time. This usually means the athlete needs to arrive at the site 15 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time. EARLIER IS ALWAYS BETTER.

9. Proper conduct is expected for all members of the Club at all time. This includes athletes, parents, and supporters. This also means treating supporters from other teams, other parents, and officials with respect.

10. Athletes and/or parents are expected to provide transportation for their athlete to and from tournament sites and practices.
If an athlete can not be at a tournament, the athlete is expected to call the coach as soon as the athlete knows she will be absent. It is the athlete's responsibility (not the parent's) to reach the coach before the tournament starts.

11. Except in cases of true emergency, an athlete who has an officiating assignment may not leave a tournament before the assignment is completed.

12. Athletes that leave a tournament without being excused by the coach may be forfeiting their participation in the SOVC and there will be no refund.


Officiating is the shared responsibility of the entire team. All SOVC athletes are required to help with the line judging, scorekeeping, score flipping, and officiating. Each coach will determine a procedure their team will follow for officiating assignments. EVERY PLAYER IS REQUIRED TO STAY UNTIL EXCUSED BY THE COACH.

Grievance Procedure

Competitive team athletics, by its very nature, creates situations where everyone may not be happy all the time. Knowing when to communicate and how to communicate with your athlete's coach is a concern for almost every parent at some time during the season. Most often the concern is how to inquire about issues surrounding playing time.

The SOVC encourages the athlete to take responsibility for their participation. For this reason we expect the player to talk to the coach first when she has a problem concerning her playing time, or if she is unclear about what the coach expects from her either in practice or in a competition. The appropriate way to do this is for the athlete to ask the coach what she needs to do to get more opportunities to play in matches. Most of the time, the player knows why they may not be playing as much as a teammate when the parent may not. Parents can best help their athlete by helping her set some goals to achieve more opportunities.

When a parent has a problem that is specific to their own athlete, we also expect them to first talk to their athlete's coach. Coaches have been instructed not to discuss "coaching decisions" with a parent. These "coaching decisions" include, but are not limited to, specific match decisions such as who played when, where, and how long. Also, who was subbed out and when, etcetera.  The coach will not be required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions in the determination of playing time, and it is improper for a parent to request that.

Specifically, the procedures to follow if you as a parent, or your athlete as a member of an SOVC team, have concerns about our policies or a coach's actions are, in this order:  
1. The player should speak or meet with the coach to discuss the matter.  If the matter remains unresolved then,
2. The parent should speak to or meet with the coach. If the matter remains unresolved then, 
3. The parent should speak to or meet with the Club Director at the convenience of both parties.   The decision of the club director is final and is not subject to appeal.    
4. If a coach is approached by a parent during a tournament, we have instructed the coach to refuse to discuss any controversial matter, to refer the parent to the Club Director and to walk away from the situation. The recommended time for a parent and/or athlete to talk to a coach about a problem is a previously arranged meeting time either before or immediately after a scheduled practice. If the matter remains unresolved then,
5. The parent may speak to the Coach and the Club Director. In certain situations, The SOVC may ask the athlete to attend the meeting also. Meetings should be previously arranged. Meetings will not be scheduled during a tournament. The Coach or the Club Director will not engage in discussions about "coaching decisions."

Other Policies Regarding Grievances
1. The SOVC will not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontations between a parent and any official, or a parent and any coach, or a parent and any athlete, or a parent and any other parent, whether the coach, athlete or other parent is a member of the SOVC or not. Violation of this policy will result in the athlete being suspended for one tournament with any following violations resulting in expulsion from the SOVC without refund.

2. It is inappropriate for an athlete or a parent to approach other SOVC members about a problem the athlete or parent is having with an SOVC coach, about objections to coaching decisions, or about disagreement with an administrative decision. Asking uninvolved people to take sides in an issue is unfair to the third party and to the Club. For the psychological health of the teams and the Club as a whole, grievances need to be handled between the parties involved and in the proper manner.

3. If a player or parent is approached and asked to listen to, or express an opinion about matters between two other parties in the Club, they are strongly encouraged to refer the complaining party to take the matter up with either the coach in question or the Club Director.

4. Please refrain from negative comments around your daughter and the other athletes. Young players are vulnerable and if they hear complaining about the coach, the coach's style or SOVC policies, this can have an adverse effect on their performance and/or attitude. If you, as a parent, are unhappy about something, you should follow the grievance procedure of this guide to resolve the matter.


Tournaments can last all day. Teams will begin pool play where they will play each team in their pool with the winning teams advancing to a Gold bracket and other teams advancing to a Silver or Bronze bracket. Most tournaments are best 2 out of 3 games with  rally scoring.

Seating is sparse in most of the gyms so we recommend that you bring your own chairs. We recommend that you pack a cooler for your athlete for the day of a tournament because they can run long. Some players bring pillows and sleeping bags so they can rest between rounds. Games, homework, books, etc. are all recommended for some of the longer tournaments. Arrive early so you can help set up your team area and get ready to warm-up. Except for starting times, most tournaments do not follow a set time schedule. Matches will begin 10 minutes after the end of the previous match. Many of your tournaments should be over around 6:00 p.m. But to be on the safe side,  expect to be there all day.